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Emerging companies enter the market every year with new ideas and innovative principles. These businesses often have the potential to become major competitors and disruptors in their industries. However, getting to that point requires a solid legal framework that protects them from vulnerabilities. 

If you are leading the charge of a new business, let our San Antonio startup lawyer help you proactively address critical legal issues that could hinder your company’s growth. From business formation to interest protection, we can be a vital resource in your decision-making process. Turn to us for the cost-effective support you need as a San Antonio entrepreneur or startup owner. 

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Lawyer for Startups & Entrepreneurs: How We Help 

Whether you want a larger entity to acquire your company or to see how much your business can grow on its own, you need a legal strategy. This is where The South Texas Business Lawyers can help. 

Our firm can assist founders of emerging South Texas businesses with the following: 

  • Forming a new business entity. 
  • Seeking capital and fundraising. 
  • Preparing for investors’ scrutiny. 
  • Protecting companies during investment negotiations.
  • Reviewing contracts and other key legal agreements. 
  • Recruiting and retaining employees.
  • Representing businesses in mergers and acquisitions. 
  • Providing outside general counsel
  • And much more. 

No matter what you want to accomplish, our experienced Texas startup attorney can guide you along the way. Find out more about his years of experience practicing law and serving businesses by visiting our about page

Common Legal Mistakes Made by Startups

Unfortunately, many startups have come to us to mitigate issues that stemmed from legal missteps they took. 

Some of the common mistakes include:

  • Failing to create clear and actionable agreements between founders. 
  • Overlooking the importance of protecting intellectual property (IP). 
  • Non-compliance with customer data regulations. 
  • Poor employment practices that violate minimum wage or overtime laws, among others. 
  • Selecting the wrong legal structure. 
  • Neglecting to follow securities law when securing investments. 
  • Forgetting to tend to foundational matters like securing licensing or registering a business. 

Do not jeopardize the future of your startup by making these mistakes above. Seek legal counsel early on to create a detailed plan for navigating your business’s formation and the steps to get it off the ground. 

Why Choose The South Texas Business Lawyers?

Clients of all stripes have elected to work with us because we provide personalized support. Plus, we strive to make our legal services as cost-effective as possible so money-conscious business owners can more comfortably budget for them. We charge affordable fees, have low overhead, and work tirelessly to make every dime our clients spend a worthwhile investment in their future. 

Contact us to find out how our office might be able to assist in creating a legal strategy for your emerging business. Our services are available to those in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and other cities across Texas. 

Call (210) 761-6294 or reach out online to get started with our South Texas startup lawyer. 

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